This pre-alpha gameplay video is a special one as it includes a glimpse behind the scenes to show how branching dialogue is modified. In the scene, one of the player’s character has become separated from the rest of the party before they were captured by temple guards. She is attempting to bluff her way past the jailer to affect an escape!

Exciting news – the Subterranea Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns have been approved and are ready to go! The campaigns will be running simultaneously, starting at Friday, 28th February, 5pm EST (New York time), and ending on Sunday, 30th March, 5pm EST.

To support the campaigns, here is the “Subterranea Teaser Trailer Number One”. Expect a few more of these to come before release day!

Here’s a shot of a party halfway through trying to solve a puzzle in Subterranea.


A number of puzzles and riddles in a dungeon can provide welcome fun as an alternative to combat. The challenge is introducing puzzles and riddles with solutions that aren’t already known by the player, or that can be instantly Googled.

You might recognize the puzzle above, it’s a supposedly ancient puzzle that needs a bit of brainpower to solve!

This screenshot is from a turn-based battle scene in the upcoming Teaser Trailer #1 for the Steam Greenlight campaign. The Drow Wizard has won the initiative round, and has started to flee up the stairs and out the door. The party’s Rogue is next, and is considering a Sneak Attack on the fleeing Wizard. However, the path that she must take to execute the attack will go through a Drow Warrior’s Threatened Area and will therefore provoke an Attack of Opportunity. She is weighing up whether to risk this by attempting a tumble through the Threatened Area, or another action…

You’ll be able to see the indicators working in real-time in the video. The green path indicators will show you how far you can move while still taking a Standard Action and how far you can move with a Double Move Action. The red Threatened Area indicators will pop up if your path will take you through a Threatened Area, thus provoking an Attack of Opportunity.


Coming soon…

I’m busy working on adding some additional content for the first Subterranea teaser trailer (notice the new Subterranea and Cloud Nine Games logos?!), to support the upcoming Steam Greenlight campaign, but in the meantime I thought I’d include a still from the video.

This one is taken from Vengarth Swamp, where the story of the game starts.


I’ve found the aspiring (like myself) and the accomplished (like this fellow) Indie Developer Community to be a very friendly bunch, particularly those developing CRPGs, with some of them openly asking other devs to get in touch about the projects they are passionately developing.

I followed this advice and contacted Jay Barnson, of Rampant Games. Jay has kindly made a blog post about Subterranea, even with its development being at this early stage:

Subterranea on the Rampant Games blog.

I’ve been a long-time reader of Jay’s blog on Rampant Games. It’s full of ever-insightful opinions on the Indie Game Development movement, and especially Indie CRPGs, it’s well worth bookmarking and visiting regularly, as it’s frequently updated.

Every Indie CRPG fan should be familiar with the released Frayed Knights, which can be bought online from his store. I have great respect for Indies who have moved themselves up to the next category by actually releasing the damn game! If you’re after a blobber with a great sense of humor, I’d say FK is going to be right up your alley.

If you have a Steam account, you should spend a few minutes checking out his pitch, and hitting yes if you’d like to see FK greenlit.

Jay is busy working on FK2, also using Unity. Onwards and upwards for the FK series!

If in-depth tactical combat is implemented well, positioning is critical. And when positioning is critical, getting your party formation right is the first thing you need to do. Given the importance of getting the party formation right in Subterranea, I’ve implemented a flexible Party Formation window to allow you to position your characters exactly where you want them:



You can drag your party portraits exactly where you want them to be in formation, and when you click to set your destination, they will form up around the spot represented by the multi-arrow icon in the center. Want your Barbarian to be half a step behind your Fighter? Done. Want your Wizard to be 12 diagonal feet from your Rogue? No problem.

Here’s a shot of a 6 character party moving in the formation set by dragging the portraits around in the Party Formation window above: